About the company

Since 2010 we have been carrying non-destructive weld testing by means of a certified penetration method.

We provide the following work:

Installation and assembling work of eco-friendly units

We carry out installation and assembling work of environmentally friendly units - exchangers, combustion chambers, piping systems and steel construction.

Assembling work and supervision of assembling work

Another part of our programme is assembling or supervision of assembling work of technological lines (e.g. conveyers, sawing machines, manipulators) and units for processing and further processing of materials.   

Assembly and manufacture of steel constructions

We also offer the execution of small-extent works – manufacture of steel constructions and installation thereof, or works in form of sub-deliveries when greater units for suppliers’ contracts are implemented.

Our background:

  • workshop spaces

  • supervision assemblers with knowledge of languages (English, Russian, German)

  • fitters with welder’s qualifications and safety training

  • helpers

  • facilities with manufacturing and assembling equipment (plasma cutting, scaffolding etc.)

  • assembling vehicles

  • support in sphere of construction and statistics